Our poultry is certified organic and Certified Humane®. This means that chickens and turkeys are raised in a natural environment that promotes their natural behaviors, with unlimited access to wholesome food, shelter and water, and daytime access to organic pasture. The poultry are raised from week-old chicks and poults. Some of the varieties you may see on our farm include Dominques, Red Caps, Buttercups, Silver Gray Dorkings, American Bronze and Royal Palms.

All our poultry products meet the Humane Farm Animal Care program standards which insures they are fed a nutritious vegetarian diet without antibiotics or hormones, raised with ample shelter and pasture, including resting areas, and the assurance of sufficient space to engage in natural behaviors.

Free-range                     - yes √

Certified Organic            - yes √

Antibiotics & Hormones  - never