Welcome to the world of sustainable agriculture and organic gardening. At Ayrshire Farm we consider ourselves stewards of the earth. We are committed to the health and well being of our animals, of one another and of the earth.

    Farmers have practiced organic gardening for thousands of years. It is only in the later half of the 20th century, with the development and uses of chemical pesticides, that many are now returning to organic practices because of the healthy results they yield. The natural biodiversity of a *self-sustaining farm creates an organic environment - an environment that focuses on prevention. Chemical pesticides and their usage only treat symptoms of a problem; they cannot cure it. It is biodiversity that enables organic practices to work.

Ayrshire Farm® Clean Dirt ™ Compost is Produced in compliance with the National Organic Program standards.  Our compost is made with cow, horse, and poultry manure along with grass clippings (main nitrogen source) in combination with straw, hay, and fine wood shavings to achieve a final 20:1 carbon and nitrogen ratio.

The raw material is arranged in windrows where temperature and moisture levels are monitored daily and turned accordingly. These production methods are in compliance with the National Organic Program, therefore, the resulting product can be applied to organic vegetable gardens at any time prior to, or during harvest.

The composting pad was built with a one-way slope and a one-percent grade. It is sited to maximize the northwest air flow among rows. The tree line at the bottom of the pad serves to buffer leachates, removing the need for a holding pond. Wind rows are built with a variety of organic materials using a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 30:1.

The turning of the wind rows is scheduled to achieve the desired results for microbial activity (CO2 measurement), temperature and moisture content. Equipment used in our operation includes the Aeromaster PT-120 Compost Turner, the Aeromaster WT-1000 Series water tank and inoculation unit.